Getting Started

Researching your retirement is commendable. In fact the more you do, the better prepared you will be for your Golden Years. However, eventually you will need to devise a plan on “how to retire”, as addressing merely “when and how much I/we need” would be deemed considerably inadequate.

RetirementYour first assignment is to get a good grasp as to when you anticipate retiring. Whether it is six months or six years from today, the sooner you have this date the sooner you can begin with your plan.

Assuming for the sake of this discussion that you have a handle on your financial picture, one must now focus on the sale of your current home, as this often is the biggest road block and source of revenue en route to a happy retirement. In this section we will provide you tips on issues such as preparing your home for sale to negotiating with your local real estate broker for maximum results.

The Martini Theory is a simply analogy that if used correctly, will be your guiding beacon to your future area, community and home. Understanding your objectives and lifestyle requirements and then prioritizing them correctly is essential for being successful in your search. There are many easy pitfalls and distractions along the way that make staying focused very difficult.

“Where to Retire” is that 600 pound Gorilla sitting quietly in the corner. You’ve thought about it, lost sleep about it, dreamed about it and perhaps researched it till you were right back where you started. It is as an important decision as choosing a lifelong mate and critical as saving enough to retire comfortably.

And once you make the decision to head South/West/Wherever and do the research in person, it is imperative to arrive in the land of warm ocean breezes and umbrella drinks fully armed with the correct vocabulary and knowledge of important real estate related terminology.

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