No matter what skin crèmes are invented to wipe away our wrinkles, one thing will always be certain about life: we can’t stop getting older. For many people, getting older is something to look forward to since we really can not get back to our carefree days of our youth. Or, can we?
“Retirement” has so many different meanings. For some, it means enjoying the fruits of their labors and having one big, long relaxing vacation. Many view retirement as a time to break away from their humdrum lives and unchain themselves from the obligations of raising children and working hard to pay the bills. And for many people today, retirement is merely a dream as without a nest egg and or a means of a consistent pay check coming in, it’ll be work, work, work for as far as one can see.

One topic we can all agree upon though, is that retiring without your health is not really retiring. Imagine scrimping and saving for 43 years only to find that you have a debilitating disease or circumstance? Here you are with a bank account full of cash with dreams of exploring Europe and cruising to Alaska only to find out that the majority of it is going to be spent on medical bills and hospital visits.

Preparing for retirement is a multi faceted and complex algorithm, as new factors are interjected into our lives daily. The health issues of our parents and grandparents, along with the constant changes in the lives of our children and or other siblings never seems to stop, do they? The volatility in the market and the uncertainty of pensions coupled with an ever changing job market all bring stress to the table for millions and millions every day. This is why maintaining our own health has become almost equally or perhaps even more important than our financial future, as what good is financial security if you cannot enjoy it?

The Resource Center will focus on preventative health topics and will also address medical and health issues that we all will sooner or later face, including:

Eating Healthy
Being a Survivor

Your chance of enjoying your retirement will double if you are healthy on the day you receive your golden parachute, gold watch and/or pat on the back from your co-workers. Make healthy living a way of life today and stop putting it off.