Your Finances

Lots of recent studies show that Americans getting ready to retire are not financially prepared. This is concerning because if you are close to retiring, you are more than likely going to need more to live on than social security payments every 30 days.
While it is never a bad idea to start saving, it also doesn’t make a lot of sense to begin training for a marathon 2 weeks prior, does it? This site is predicated on focusing on those who have at least attempted to plan accordingly for their retirement. While researching the process of retirement, it became evident that nearly 90% of all literature & websites were/are dedicated to preparing one financially for their gold watch day.

The single scariest part of retiring is budgeting. Leaving kids and especially grandchildren is usually very difficult, but unless you have significant resources, retirement might be short lived and more difficult than you thought. For example, gone is overtime, periodic bonus’s, large commission checks, per diem windfall and steady pay checks. Welcome however are SS checks, dividend paying stocks, maturing CDs, managing your portfolios, pension checks, etc.

One really cannot pay enough attention to your finances as you move into the sunset of your life. Being prepared for the expected isn’t good enough anymore, as it is the unexpected that often throws the proverbial monkey wrench into the equation!