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The impetus for this website is seeing firsthand the insatiable information appetite some future retirees have for their upcoming retirement. Several years ago Pat & Doug from the Annapolis, MD area were with me for a day long tour of real estate along the coast of Southeastern, NC. We were about 60 miles from my office when we drove by a residential street in a nice community north of Wilmington when Doug blurted out “Hey, we just passed Sterling Place and at 746 Sterling Place is a 4BR/3.5 BA 2,850’ home with a large screened in porch with four person hot tub that has been on the market for 223 days and the owners are asking $456,000, recently reduced from $485,500”. I about fell out of my car. Who has that kind of free time to study real estate listings in a 60 mile radius???

This couple knew this level of detail on probably a hundred homes in our area and it dawned on me that Pat & Doug were surfing real estate websites nearly 24/7 in search of their perfect home. Doug had retired and Pat was about to and they were just as hungry as one could get for information. They had tremendous anxieties about where they would be spending the rest of their lives and so they did what they knew best – sat in front of their PCs and researched everything they could.

For over 10 years I have helped thousands of people learn about life on the southeastern coast of North Carolina.  Sometimes our area is a good fit and other times it was not, but the key for me was making sure our clients have the information they require to make intelligent decisions. This website is unlike any other resource online today as it combines practical real life experience with solid testimonials of experts in their respective fields.

A year ago when I had the idea for The Retirement Handbook, my research uncovered a myriad of financially driven books and websites. These are all fine in and of their own right, but what was missing was the ‘practical’ side of retiring. Well, that is where years of experience in working with great folks looking to retire comes into play. If I didn’t know the answers, I researched them till I did and this website was created as a means of sharing good information on one of the most important journeys of your life.

We hope you find information here that will make your retirement a little easier and perhaps a lot more fun.

Good luck-

Doug Terhune/President

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