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SC CoastResearching the possible destinations that you are considering to move to in your retirement years is perhaps as important as making sure you have the available funds to do so. What fun would it be to have the means but wind up living someplace that just really doesn’t fit your personal lifestyles? And whose fault would that be??

What a lot of people tend to lose focus on is that what is outside the gates of your community is as important as to what is inside the gates. Sure it is nice to have a golf course or two, pools, clubhouse, restaurant, fitness center, tennis complex, walking trails and nice neighbors but, what if you want to go see a movie or play? How far are the closest stores to purchase the clothes you like to wear? Is there a good bank and insurance company close by? And what if you want to play a golf course other than yours – how far of a drive is it?

With 15,000 baby boomers retiring every day, one really has to wonder how many don’t research their areas thoroughly enough. It does happen and probably more than you’d think because more often than not, people get caught up with the style of homes, amenities, incentives by developers and the picture perfect lifestyle that is depicted visa vie excellent marketing efforts.

Our Local Commerce is intended to give you a sampling of what is available in our respective GeoCenters. When you narrow down your search to three or less areas, then you should kick into high gear your research, both online and in person. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing/building the perfect home in the wrong place. Your local retail, entertainment, medical, commercial, transportation and sports oriented activities will become a significant part of your life.

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