The Martini Theory

MartiniTheoryThe Carolina Plantations Sales Team takes a unique approach to assisting our clients find a second home or place to retire – and it mimics a Martini glass. Once you know when you will retire, the first step is to determine which area best matches your day to day needs followed by which plantation best suits your lifestyle requirements. The well soaked olive is the real estate and that’s the easiest part of your search.


Are you going to retire and if so, when? This plays a vital role in your quest.


This is the largest part of the glass and will consume the most time in your search. When you look at areas, it’s critical to understand exactly what the area provides you in terms of medical facilities, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, transportation, taxes, weather, worship and friendliness. And keep in mind the older we get, the less distance we will want to travel!

With “Where” for example, you could conclude that you want to live in North Carolina; followed by Southeastern NC; then Brunswick County; then Sunset Beach.


Once your research leads you to a specific town or area, then you need to match your lifestyle & budget requirements with the local Plantations & Communities. Plantations typically offer golf, fitness, swimming, tennis, walking trails, dining, private beach clubs and lots of socializing opportunities, while communities might offer a pool, small clubhouse, tennis court(s) and social activities. The choice is yours.


Truly the easiest part of your quest is the real estate, for once you commit to an area and Plantation/Community, your mind will be free to focus on the last piece of the puzzle. And today, there are good real estate opportunities just about everywhere. We’ve often seen people come down who place too high of a priority on ‘the house’, only to find out months/years later that they short changed their own research process. Our goal at Carolina Plantations is to provide you with all the information you need to make a well informed decision.

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