10 Worst Places to Retire

10 Worst Places to Retiree

It’s not uncommon to find a list of the best places to retire, either here or abroad. But a list of the worst places? That’s what the folks at Money-Rates.com pulled together.

The finance website looked at such factors as crime rate, climate, longevity and economic conditions, including taxes, job opportunities and cost of living, to compile a ranking of the 10 worst states for retirement. Some of the bottom dwellers might come as a surprise.

Maine finished dead last in the rankings. The high cost of living and harsh climate dragged down the state’s appeal to retirees. Joblessness and tax burdens weighed on runner-up Michigan. Massachusetts received a poor ranking because of cold weather and the cost of living.

Here are the 10 worst states for retirement, with No. 1 being the lowest-ranked, according to Money-Rates.com:

10. Wisconsin
9. New York
8. Washington
7. Rhode Island
6. Maryland
5. Alaska
4. Connecticut
3. Massachusetts
2. Michigan
1. Maine

Please do your research on what state is best for you.  This was a survey based on the high cost of living and harsh climate which dragged down the state’s appeal to retirees. Also major factors were joblessness and tax burdens.

Source:  AARP


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