SC Piedmont

Central South Carolina

In the heart of the Palmetto State you will find the pulse of South Carolina. Columbia, the State Capital, leads the way in Education and Medicine and has the largest population of any city in SC.  Founded in 1786, the leaders of the state by a vote of 11-7 named the current city with the name “Washington” coming in second.

Originally called South Carolina College and founded in 1801, the now University of South Carolina is one of the regions finest institutions of higher learning, making it the second pillar of Columbia’s economic sector. Unfortunately though, at the end of the Civil War, General Sherman and his troops were accused of setting fire to nearly the entire city and just about wiping it clean off the map.

Columbia SCThe city’s aggressive rebuilding plan is referred to as the Reconstruction of Columbia, and by the 19th Century the city was poised to become a leader in the textile industry. One of the largest draws outside of the city in the center of the state is the Santee River System, which combines a number of natural and man-made lakes and canals. This offers untold recreational opportunities and numerous planned communities have spawned on their banks.

The other cities of Central SC are:

Florence – which is approximately 60 miles due west of Myrtle Beach at the intersection of I-20 and I-95

Sumter – known for textiles, Fort Shaw Air Force Base and for originally being name Gamecock City

North Augusta – a good portion of Augusta lies in SC however, the golf course is in Georgia

Rock Hill – a bedroom community for folks working in Charlotte. Lots of lakes, golf courses and Carowinds – which is a large amusement park

If you are not interested in living near a beach, mountain or lake – then perhaps the warm climate and culture of Central SC is right for you.

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